Meet the Team

Andy Hannaford

Mr Hannaford is the Head of Sixth Form and has 19 years' experience as an English and history teacher. Mr Hannaford has been the head of Sixth Form since 2015 and, whilst having oversight over the entire Sixth Form, also focusses on student attainment and the quality of teaching and learning being offered to students. Mr Hannaford's office is situated in the Sixth Form centre.


Kim Skinner

As Deputy Head of Sixth Form, Mrs Skinner is KS5 Teaching and Learning lead. Her responsibilities include monitoring the quality of teaching and learning at Key Stage 5, monitoring academic progress of year 13 students and ensuring students develop effective independent study skills for A Level/ Btec.  Mrs Skinner also provides pastoral support, along with the rest of the Sixth Form team.  Alongside her Deputy Head of Sixth Form role, Mrs Skinner is also Head of Psychology and can be located either in the Sixth Form centre (when not teaching) or in room 113 (Lulworth block) .

Laura Booker

Mrs Booker is Head of Sociology, Health and Social Care and also leads the mindfulness and enrichment programme within Sixth Form. Mrs Booker oversees the running of the senior team working closely alongside the head boy and head girl. You will find her in room 114, in the Lulworth block

Hannah Gartland

Hannah is the Assistant Head of sixth form and joined the team in 2016. Her responsibilities include: safeguarding, pastoral support and daily administrative tasks, which involve: registers, data management, attendance monitoring, admissions and timetabling.

Hannah is the first point of contact for any enquiries regarding the Sixth Form and is located in the Sixth Form Centre.

Kate Breakell

Kate's role is the lead on destinations, helping to support our students as they move through their final year at Lytchett and helping them to make informed choices about university places, apprenticeships or employment.

Sixth Form Tutors

All students in the Sixth Form have a dedicated tutor, with whom they will meet each morning during registration. We have combined tutor groups across Years 12, 13 and 14 which we believe encourages unities across year groups and is massively beneficial to students who share experience, subject information and lend support to each other. Tutors are often the first port of call for students  and will take an active role in supporting students throughout their time in the Sixth Form.

Senior Team

Each year we have a head boy and a head girl appointed from within Year 13. Any student can nominate themselves for the position of head boy or head girl and will be invited to attend an interview. Following this phase, finalists will be determined and students will vote for their final choice.

The head boy and head girl are supported by a senior team. Each member of the senior team is responsible for a committee:

Teaching and learning
To offer a student's perspective on the classroom experience.

Links (main school liaison)
Responsible for building strong working links with the whole school, attached to specific houses.

Charity and fundraising
Responsible for charitable events and to raise money for external charities.

Responsible for creating better relations between those within the Sixth Form.

Sport and leisure
Establish and run a calendar or sports and leisure events to cater for the whole of the Sixth Form.

To promote, organise and execute global environmental issues within the Sixth Form.

To promote, organise and run social events both within and outside of school, catering for the whole Sixth Form.

It is expected that all teams will work collaboratively in order to achieve our common goals, not only within committees but also across committees. Not only will individual committees need to meet regularly, but cross-committee meetings will need to take place in order for us to effectively plan activities and events that cut across committee areas. We need people with a ‘can do’ attitude, plenty of team work and a collective will to change things for the better - not just in the Sixth Form but across the whole school and outside in the wider community.