Andrew Mead, Headmaster

Kent Catchpole, Deputy Headteacher (KS4 progress, Staff CPD)

Kirsty Cowley, Head of Inclusion (SEND, CIC, PP)

Sylvia Haddrell, Assistant Headteacher (Safeguarding and Attendance)

Andy Hannaford, Head of Sixth Form (KS5 progress)

Joelle Harradine, Associate Senior Leader (KS4 Options, Head of Maths)

Kieren Hasler, Business Manager (Finance, Health and Safety, Cafe, Admissions, Site management)

Matt Laishley, Assistant Headteacher (Behaviour for Learning)

Adele Rose, Assistant Headteacher (KS3 progress, Transition)

Rachel Allard, MFL Teacher
Bernie Allen, Attendance Officer
Kelly Archer, Exam Invigilator
John Armstrong, Academic Tutor
Kayleigh Ashton, Deputy SENDCO
Charlie Baker, Catering Assistant
Danielle Ball, Receptionist
Andrea Ballard, Mathematics Teacher
Eloisa Bedford, PE 
Connor Bennett, History Teacher
Pauline Berry, Catering Assistant
Jo Biddle, Examinations Manager
John Bilby, Peripatetic Music Teacher
Lisette Bonin-Casey, Geography Teacher
Stephanie Bonney, Science Teacher
Laura Booker, Assistant Head of 6th Form/Head of Sociology/H&SC
Nicola Booth, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Clair Bossons, Librarian
Joanne Bowman, Careers Advisor
Bridget Bown, Teaching Assistant
Darren Bowring, Network Manager
Rebecca Box, Teaching Assistant
Joe Brake, Head of English
Kate Brand, English Teacher, 1:1
Kate Breakall, Pastoral Support Assistant/Admin Assistant for Social Sciences
Cathy Brown, Deputy Head of Kimmeridge House
Sophie Burdon, Languages Teacher
Carmen Burridge, Head of Art
Rebecca Cady, Admin Assistant
Suzanne Case, Lunchtime Supervisor
Jo Casson, Mathematics Teacher
Amy Cecchinato, Psychology/Sociology Teacher
Gemma Cherrett, Teaching Assistant
Joel Clark, IT Technician
Simon Clarke, Music Teacher
Helen Coleman, Head of Business Studies
Sarah Collingwood, PE Teacher - Key Stage 3 Coordinator 
Anita Collins, Teaching Assistant
Alison Colvin, Deputy Head of Wealden House
Holly Connell, English Teacher - Key Stage 3 Coordinator
Simon Cook, Science Teacher
Ben Crowe, Gardener
Emily Curry, Supervisory Teaching Assistant & AA Support/Deputy DofE Leader
Laura Curtis, Teaching Assistant
Jack Daniels, PE teacher
Hilary Dark, Teaching Assistant
Kirsty Dave, Teaching Assistant
Nichola Deacon, Academic Tutor (Maths)
David Dent, Exam Invigilator
Cathryn Depper, Exam Invigilator
Sian Digby, Cleaner
Lee Dixon, Arts Technician
Israel Douglas, Inclusion Base
Lucian Drane, Head of Design and Technology
Becky Driscoll, English Teacher
Lisa Drury, English Teacher
Lynda Dunnington, Art Teacher
Penny Durrant, Behaviour Teaching Assistant
Ann Edmunds, Main First Aider
Anna Edwards, Exam Invigilator
Geraldine Edwards, Exam Invigilator
Julie Edwards, Academic Tutor (English)
Sam Edwards - Exam Invigilator
Danielle Elsdon, Science Teacher, Combined Science Co-ordinator                                                                          
Natasha Fearnley, Admin Assistant:SIMS/Data Trainee
Jamie Fleming, Design and Technology Teacher
Ian Forbes-Marshall, Cover Supervisor
Judi Freeman, Maths Teacher
Sian Frith, Head of Science
Nicola Fulker, Head of Music
Natalie Garside, Teaching Assistant
Hannah Gartland, Sixth Form Support Manager
Charlie Gatehouse, Maths Teacher
Phil Gibbs, Music Teacher
Naomi Gill, Head of PRE
Andrew Gillett, Media Studies Teacher
Joanne Goodes, Teaching Assistant
Peter Gordon, Head of Portland House/Science Teacher
Katrin Gray, Behaviour Teaching Assistant
Heather Grice, Deputy Head of Purbeck House
Joel Hampton, Maths Teacher
Claire Harnett, Deputy Head of Portland House
Joelle Harradine, Head of Mathematics
Thomas Harris, Cleaner
Christine Harrison, Geography Teacher - KS3 Coordinator
Fleur Harrison, Food Tech Teacher
Sarah Hatchard, Teaching Assistant
Heather Hayward, Teaching Assistant
Jonny Hayward, Media Technician
Judith Hayward, Clerk to the Governors
Kate Hayward, Art Teacher
Svetlana Hemmings, Peripatetic Music Teacher
Elisha Hill, Head of  PE 
Melanie Hobson, Teaching Assistant
Henry Hodge, History Teacher
Jonathan Hodge, RE Teacher
Amanda Hoole, Food Technology, School Induction Tutor/ITT Coordinator
Helen Hooper, Finance Officer
Grant Hopper, Catering Manager
Jayne Howard, Cleaner
John Howells, Mathematics & Computing Teacher
Alison Hurley, Catering Assistant
Catherine Iles, Deputy Head of Agglestone House
Louise Instone, Cover Manager
Laura Jeanes, Exam Invigilator
Mark Jeffs, Science Teacher
Caroline Jewell, Lunchtime Supervisor/Cleaner
Adrian Kelly, Head of Media
Caroline Kelly, Head of Dance
James Knightbridge, Head of Kimmeridge House/Mathematics Teacher
Hannah Lang, History Teacher/ITT Coordinator
Zoe Lawrence, Teaching Assistant
Charlotte Legg, Peripatetic Music Teacher
Carolyn Lench, Cover Supervisor
Nicky Lewis, Teaching Assistant
Ben Lum Kin, Performing Arts Technician/Instructor
Jacqui Lum Kin, School Counsellor
Christine Makumborenga, Science Teacher
Richard Maple, Caretaker
Tanya Markina, Mathematics Teacher
Emma Martin, Exam Invigilator
Rebecca Martin, KS5 English Coordinator
Kim McCarthy, Deputy DSL
Sally-Anne McCarthy, Head of Gault House/RE Teacher/PSHE Coordinator
Anna McDonald, Spanish Teacher ECT
Jo Mellery-Pratt - Exam Invigilator
Amanda Merritt, Lunchtime Supervisor
Natalie Midworth, Head of Drama
Heidi Miles, Admin Assistant - Senior Leadership Team
Gail Miller, Admin Assistant
Michala Mitchell, Teaching Assistant
Sarah Moore, Admin Assistant (Buses/Lettings/Exams)
Shirley Nebel, Cleaner
Rosalyn Noel, Lunchtime Supervisor
Karolina Nowak, Science Technician
Joe O'Rourke, Workshop Technician
Vicki Owen, Food Technology/Textiles Teacher
Marianne Packham, Design and Technology Teacher
Roger Packham, Design and Technology Teacher
Rosie Painter, Teaching Assistant
Leah Palmer, Deputy Head of Gault House
James Park, Exam Invigilator
Sharon Parker, PA to Headmaster, HR
Krys Parry, Science Teacher
Matthew Parsons, Exam Invigilator
Laura Perry, English Teacher
James Phillips, Maths Teacher
Polly Phillips, Peripatetic Music Teacher
Natalie Pidgley, Teaching Assistant
Jo Pires, Music Teacher
Kelly Pope, Dance/Drama Teacher
Lucie Popham, MIS and Data Manager
Ele Priest, Head of House/Art Teacher
Rachel Pugh, Head of Food Technology
Edna Rangel, Catering Assistant
Lesley Rattew, Senior Lunchtime Supervisor/Cleaner
Paul Read, Site Manager
Tarik Reghif, Computing/ICT Teacher/STEM Co-ordinator
Gareth Richards, English/Geography Teacher/GCSE Literature Co-ordinator
Joanne Riggs, Exam Invigilator
Kate Rixom, Academic Tutor
Claire Roff, Mathematics Teacher - Second in Department
Kim Rootes, Academic Tutor (English)
Denise Rose, Reprographics
Richard Rowe, Head of Spanish
Peter Russell, PE Teacher
Celine Ruston, Head of Modern Foreign Languages
Helen Sadler, Social Sciences Teacher - Child Development Lead
Rebecca Sainsbury, Cleaner
Bob Salter, Head of Geography
John Sanders, Head of Wealden House/PE Teacher
Stephanie Schoemaker, Mathematics Teacher - Lead Practitioner KS3 coordinator
Luke Scriven, Science Teacher
Tracey Scriven, Teaching Assistant
Shawn Seraphin, Cleaner/Exam Invigilator/Lunchtime Supervisor
Gina Sheppard, Cleaner
Chris Sherwood, Science Teacher - Head of Physics
Debbie Simpson, Peripatetic Music Teacher
Kim Skinner, Deputy Head of Sixth Form/Head of Psychology/Acting Associate Leader
Sarah Smith, Cleaner
Stephanie Smith-Cooper, Exam Invigilator
Nicola Sneddon, Teaching Assistant
Rebecca Spanos, PE Teacher/BTEC Sports Coordinator
Hannah Sparrowhawk, Science Teacher
Paula Stevens, Exam Invigilator/Counsellor
James Stockley, Head of History
Miranda Stocks, English Teacher
Sue Swinburn, Food Technician
Dawn Taylor, Head of Biology
Ellie Taylor, Drama Teacher ECT
Mark Taylor, Exam Invigilator
Adam Tettenborn, Head of Computing/ICT
Bradley Thomas, History Teacher - KS3 Coordinator
Claire Thomas, Teaching Assistant
Lydia Thomas, Geography Teacher
Nicola Thorne, Deputy Head of Wealden House/Admin Assistant for Mathematics/Humanities
Alison Titheridge, Exam Invigilator
Adam Trant, History Teacher
Nicky Tucker, Work Related Learning/Receptionist
Tom Vallely, Peripatetic Music Teacher
Allan Varnfield, Peripatetic Music Teacher
Melanie Ventham, Science Teacher - KS3 Coordinator
Andy Vipond, English Teacher
Emma Ward, Languages Teacher
Bob Ward-Zinski, Business Studies/Humanities Teacher
Suzanne Waters, SEN Admin Support
Andy Waters, Head of Agglestone House/Mathematics Teacher
Rob Watkins, Grounds Manager
Geoff Westgate, Peripatetic Music Teacher
Craig Whetton, Senior IT Technician
Julie Whiley, Catering Assistant
Alan White, Exam Invigilator
Danni-marie White, Teaching Assistant
Toni-sue White, Academic Tutor SSC
Calvin Williams, Senior Laboratory Technician
Sidonie Wulfric, D&T Teacher
Simon Wyatt, Geography Teacher
Matthew Young, Grounds Staff
Sarah Young, Minibus Driver
Stephen Young, Minibus Driver

1.  I want to discuss issues on the bus?    Mr Hasler

2.  I want to report a bullying issue?    Your child's Head or Deputy Head of House

3.  I have an issue with Parent Pay?  Mr Hasler

4.  I have an issue with SIMSParent?   Mrs Popham

5.  I am not happy with the way an issue has been dealt with by a member of staff?  Mr Mead

6. I have a query about my child's progress in a particular subject?  The Head of that department.  If you are not sure who this is, contact your child's Head or Deputy Head of House.

7. I want to discuss KS4 options?   Mrs Harradine

8. I want to discuss my child's general progress in their GCSEs?    Mr Catchpole

9. I want to discuss my child's general progress in Years 7 to 9?    Mrs Rose

10. I want to raise a safeguarding issue?   Mrs Haddrell

11. I am concerned about a behaviour matter in school?  House office or Mr Laishley

12. I am concerned about my child who has or may have SEND (special educational needs or a disability)?   Mrs Cowley (KS4) or Mrs Ashton (KS3)

13. I want to discuss my child's future career or work experience placement?  Mrs Bowman

14. My child has fallen out with their friendship group or is having issues linked to social media?   House office or Mrs Haddrell

15. I want to discuss issues related to the Cafe?    Mr Hasler

16. I want to join the PTA?   Mr Mead

17. I want to request an absence during term time?   Mr Mead

18. I want an appointment with the headteacher?   Mrs Parker (Head's PA)













Trade Union facilities time publication.
Number of school employees who have a gross annual salary of £100,000 or more: 1.