They should sign in at main school reception unless it is before 9.10am in which case they should report to their tutor room.

Pass an absence note to their tutor. They will receive a ‘permission to leave early’ note which they will need to show to the teacher whose lesson they are to be excused from. Your child should then sign out at main school reception. You will need to collect your child from main school reception.

Search the places they have been since losing the property. Check with lost property in main school reception to see if it has been handed in. All named items will be returned to your child’s house office.

Go to their head or deputy head of house at break or lunchtime. If they can’t see anyone in their house office, report to main school reception.

Arrange with the teacher who has taken it when it can be collected, usually at the end of the school day from main school reception. Parents will be required to collect mobile phones.

Confess! Explain to their subject teacher before the lesson. If parents are able to drop off forgotten items, they should be left, clearly named, with main school reception.

You should phone into school for everyday of absence. You should write an absence note for your child to give to their tutor on the day of their return to school.

You will need to write a letter to the headmaster explaining the circumstances of your request. This can be handed in at main school reception, or emailed to office@lytchett.org.uk. Please note that, in line with government guidance, holiday absences are only authorised in very rare cases and with exceptional circumstances.

They will need to fill in a form obtainable from your house office.