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Mr A Mead, Headmaster
Mr K Catchpole, Deputy Headteacher
Ms S Haddrell, Assistant Headteacher
Mrs G Halley-Gordon, Assistant Headteacher
Mr T Perry, Assistant Headteacher

Mr A Hannaford, Head of Sixth Form/English Teacher
Mr M Moore, Deputy Head of Sixth Form/English Teacher
Mr A Waters, Head of Agglestone House/Maths Teacher
Mr J Hampton, Deputy Head of Agglestone House/Maths & IT Teacher
Mrs S McCarthy, Head of Gault House/RE Teacher
Mr L Drane, Deputy Head of Gault House/Design and Technology Teacher
Mr M Jeffs, Head of Kimmeridge House/Science Teacher
Mr B Thomas, Deputy Head of Kimmeridge House/History Teacher
Mr M Laishley, Head of Portland House/PE Teacher
Ms F Cargill, Deputy Head of Portland House/English Teacher
Mr R Gent, Head of Purbeck House/Social Sciences Teacher
Mrs L Hocking, Deputy Head of Purbeck House/PSHE Coordinator/Drama Teacher
Mr T Barrett, Head of Wealden House/Science Teacher
Mr J Sanders, Deputy Head of Wealden House/PE Teacher

Ms L Abbott, Specialist Teacher
Mrs C Ames, Head of Dance/BTEC Performing Arts
Mr M Ames, PE Teacher
Mrs A Barnett, Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Barrett, SENDCO
Mrs L Barton, Admin Assistant - Portland House/English
Miss A Bendall, Teaching Assistant
Ms J Biddle, Admin Assistant - Kimmeridge House/Science/Business Studies/DofE
Ms C Bioret-Harvey, Head of Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs L Bonin-Casey, Geography Teacher
Mrs L Booker, Head of Sociology/Health and Social Care
Mrs C Bossons, Librarian
Mrs G Bottomley, English Teacher
Mr D Bowring, Network Manager
Miss A Bradford, Learning Mentor (English & Mathematics)
Mr J Brake, Head of English
Mrs R Brooks, English Teacher
Mrs S Burdon, Modern Foreign Languages Teacher
Mrs C Burridge, Art Teacher
Miss E Carrier, Art Teacher
Mr P Carter, Driver
Mrs S Case, Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs J Casson, Maths Teacher
Mrs C Clark, General Admin Assistant
Mrs B Clarke, Finance Officer
Mr S Clarke, Music Teacher
Mrs E Clipson, Teaching Assistant
Miss C Cole, Teaching Assistant
Mrs H Coleman, Head of Business Studies
Mrs M Collier, Maths Teacher
Miss S Collingwood, PE Teacher
Mrs A Colvin, Admin Assistant - Wealden House/Maths/Geography/History/Humanities
Miss H Connell, English Teacher
Mr S Cook, Science Teacher
Mr S Coombes, Head of Technical Services
Mrs L Cox, School Office Manager
Mrs J Davies, Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Davis, Head of Biology
Miss N Deacon, Learning Mentor (Mathematics)
Miss P Delaisse, Art Assistant
Mrs J Dewick, Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Dollerson, Learning Mentor (Behaviour)
Mr I Douglas, Inclusion Base Manager
Mrs L Drury, Teaching Assistant
Mr J Dubock, Music Teacher
Mrs L Dunnington, Art Teacher
Mrs J Edwards, Exams Officer
Mrs S Edwards, Music Teacher
Mrs D Elsdon, Science Teacher
Mrs C Evans, English Teacher - Key Stage 5 Coordinator
Mrs M Evans, English Teacher
Mrs J Everett, Head of Design and Technology
Miss S Farrell, Learning Mentor (English)
Mrs C Feltham, Admin Assistant - Gault House/Media/Languages/PSHE
Miss K Fitzpatrick, Lunchtime Supervisor/Exam invigilator
Mr I Forbes-Marshall, Cover Supervisor
Mrs L Forward, Receptionist
Mrs T Fowlie, Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Franklin, Admin Assistant - Sixth Form/ICT/Design and Technology
Mrs L Fraser, Admin Assistant - Senior Leadership Team
Mrs S Frith, Head of Science
Mrs J Garnish, Science Technician
Mrs H Gartland, Admin Assistant - Sixth Form/ICT/Design and Technology
Miss J George, Science Teacher
Mr A Gillett, Media Technician
Mrs M Gomez, Spanish Teacher
Miss R Goupil, French assistant
Mr A Gower, Head of Creative & Performing Arts
Mrs A Graham, Cover Supervisor
Mrs J Harradine, Head of Maths
Miss C Harrison, Geography Teacher
Mr K Hasler, Business Manager
Mrs S Hatchard, Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Hayward, Clerk to the Governors
Dr R Heal, Science Teacher
Mrs H Hewins, Art Teacher
Mrs A Hirst-Da Silva, Head of Media Studies
Mr J Hodge, RE Teacher
Mrs A Hoole, Food Technology Teacher
Mr G Hopper, Catering Manager

Mr J Howells, Business Studies & Maths Teacher
Mr G Hurford, Maths Teacher
Mrs L Instone, Cover Manager
Mrs K Jarratt, Admin Assistant - Agglestone House/Music/Drama/Dance/Art
Mr D Jenkins, Grounds Staff
Mrs C Jewell, Lunchtime Supervisor / Cleaner
Mrs L Johnson, English Teacher
Mr M Kavanagh, Design and Technology Technician
Mrs M Lane, English one-to-one Tutor
Miss H Lang, History Teacher
Mr M Lawson, Attendance Officer
Mr B Lum Kin, Performing Arts Technician/Instructor
Mrs C Makumborenga, Science Teacher
Mrs T Markina, Maths Teacher
Mrs K McCarthy, Teaching Assistant
Mrs N McGee, Head of RE
Mrs A Meredith, Art Teacher
Mrs A Merritt, Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs N Midworth, Head of Drama
Mrs R Noel, Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs K Nowak, Science Technician
Mrs V Owen, Food Technology Teacher
Mrs M Packham, Art Teacher
Mr A Painter, Head of Music
Mrs S Parker, PA to Headmaster
Mr D Patrikakis, Head of Physics
Miss K Patterson, Maths Teacher/NQT Coordinator
Mr A Peach, Caretaker
Mrs C Piombini, Modern Foreign Languages Teacher
Mrs L Popham, MIS and Data Manager
Mrs S Potter, Teaching Assistant
Miss R Pugh, Head of Food Technology
Mrs K Ratcliffe, Catering Administrator
Mrs L Rattew, Senior Lunchtime Supervisor / Cleaner
Mr P Read, Site Manager
Mr T Reghif, Computing/ICT Department
Mrs D Rendell, Literacy Intervention
Mrs H Rocha, HR Officer
Mrs C Roff, Maths Teacher
Mrs A Rose, English Teacher/Literacy Co-ordinator
Mrs D Rose, Reprographics
Mr P Russell, PE Teacher
Mrs M Ryall, Art Technician
Mrs H Sadler, Social Sciences Teacher
Mrs J Salt-Cowell, Teaching Assistant
Mr B Salter, Head of Geography
Mrs K Salter, Science Teacher
Mrs S Schoemaker, Maths Teacher - Key Stage 5 Coordinator
Mrs G Sheppard, Cleaner
Mrs C Sherlock, Exams Manager
Mrs N Sibbick, English Teacher
Mr S Simmonds, Design and Technology Teacher
Mrs K Skinner, Head of Psychology
Mrs J Slaughter, Teaching Assistant
Mrs N Sneddon, Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Somerville, Teaching Assistant
Ms R Spanos, PE Teacher/BTEC Sports Coordinator
Mrs A Standley, Science Teacher
Mr J Stockley, Head of Humanities
Mrs S Swinburn, Food Technician
Mr A Tettenborn, Head of Computing/ICT
Mrs N Thorne, Admin Assistant - Wealden House/Maths/Geography/History/Humanities
Mrs J Tighe, Head of PE
Mrs N Tucker, Work Related Learning/Receptionist
Mr A Vipond, English Teacher - Year 10 Coordinator
Mrs E Ward, Head of Spanish
Mrs M Warr, Maths Teacher
Mrs S Waters, SEN/Literacy Admin Support
Mr R Watkins, Grounds Manager
Mrs P Way, History Teacher
Mr D Welsh, Performing Arts Technician/Instructor
Mr L Wetherall, IT Technician
Mr C Whetton, IT Technician
Mr D Wilkinson, Driver
Mr C Williams, Senior Science Technician
Miss N Williams, Admin Assistant - Purbeck House/Social Sciences/RE/PE
Mrs J Wills, School Counsellor
Mr S Wyatt, Geography Teacher
Mr M Young, Grounds Staff

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