Our guiding values are that

All students are of equal value, regardless of their gender, race, ability or background.

All students are entitled to equal access to the resources and opportunities offered by the school.

All students are entitled to high quality, well planned and well organised teaching and learning throughout their education; they can expect regular feedback as to the quality of their performance and as to what they must do to raise that, through regularly and thoroughly marked assignments as well as through discussion with the teacher.

For effective teaching and learning to take place, students must be trained in high standards of personal behaviour and learn how to develop self discipline.

All students must learn how to be tolerant of others and to respect other points of view .

Encouragement and the creation of a vibrant learning environment and culture are the best ways to raise student motivation to learn.

Parents retain their responsibility for the development of their children until the age of 18 and the school has a duty to encourage effective and well-informed co-operation between staff and parents in the oversight and guidance of pupils whilst at the school.

Music Timetable

Details of music lessons are on the music noticeboard

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