Literacy across the Curriculum

Literacy can be broken down into three strands: writing; reading; and speaking and listening. The aim of ‘Literacy across the Curriculum’ is to promote students’ awareness of their written accuracy and ability to comprehend key information across all subjects.

This is important because many subjects at GCSE now test students for SPaG (‘Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation’) in their longer answers.

However, improving written literacy across all subjects will not only give our students the best chance of achieving the highest grades in their exams; it will empower them in their futures, enabling them to communicate effectively and accurately in all aspects of their lives.

Currently, the school is focusing on raising the profile of written literacy: accuracy in spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Each fortnight, we have a different ‘Literacy Spotlight’ or focus. Some students, our ‘Literacy Ambassadors’, are giving short starters at the beginning of lessons to share the key rules and they are using interactive quizzes and games to test and develop other students’ skills.

Also, teachers are marking for SPaG in all subjects, highlighting errors in capital letters, apostrophes or spelling. In longer written answers, they will also give a mark out of 4 for SPaG, in line with the GCSE SPaG marking criteria.


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